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Player rating: Hong Kong vs Mongolia

In their last group match of the EAFF qualifying round against Mongolia on November 16th, the Hong Kong players showed probably their best performance so far under coach Gary White. Here is the player rating.

Yapp Hung-fai: 7.5/10

With Hong Kong’s great control of possession, Mongolia didn’t create many chances to test Yapp, but he stayed focused when needed and prevented the second goal, top quality.

Dani Cancela: 7.5/10

Dani was active in attacking and created many threats with McKee and later Xu on the left.

Festus Baise: 7.5/10

Didn’t lose his focus in defending and scored a good goal.

Tsang Kam-to: 7/10

Defended well and helped in attack, an improved performance from the Eastern right back.

Andy Russell: 7/10

Was a little fit unfortunate for his yellow card, didn’t make a mistake in defending and was a threat in set-pieces.

Huang Yang: 7.5/10

The captain controlled the pace and did well in transition.

Wong Wai: 8/10

Unlucky not to score, did brilliantly in holding up the ball when needed and created problems down the middle.

Chung Wai-keung: 8.5/10

A delight to watch, Tai Po’s young talent was lively and looked lethal on the right, assisted Sandro’s second goal.

Jaimes McKee: 8.5/10

Created many threats from the left with Dani. He looked dangerous throughout the game and scored a goal.

Alex Akande: 7.5/10

Worked very hard to challenge the Mongolian goalkeeper and scored one goal, could score more goals with an improved composure.

Sandro: 8.5/10

Scored twice, dropped deep when needed to set up the attack and chased down defenders from time to time. Unfortunately, his potential hat-trick was denied by the post.



Leung Chun Pong: 7/10

Took the role as central midfielder and did well in setting the pace for attack.

Xu Deshuai: 7.5/10

Replaced the tired McKee and created chances down the left flank.

Tan Chun Lok: N/A

Had little time to make an impression.

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