Premier League

The Hong Kong Premier League is the top-tier division of local football and was inaugurated in 2014/15. It replaced the 1st Division, which has now become the second tier of local football. The Hong Kong Premier League is a fully professional league and the number of participating teams fluctuates between 7 and 11. The winners of the league and the FA Cup will qualify for the Asian Champions League group stage/qualifiers or AFC Cup group stage/qualifiers (depending on the current AFC ranking). In case they are the same as the league champions, the spot goes to the league runners-up. In the past the bottom-ranked team would be relegated to the 1st Division, but relegation has been temporarily suspended following the negative impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Currently there are two domestic cups in addition to the league: FA Cup (knock-out), and Sapling Cup (group stages and finals). The Senior Shield (knock-out) has been temporarily suspended.


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