Macau roundup: Benfica extends their lead to 5 points

Macau Elite League reaches one third of the season as we enter to an international break, Benfica Macau is in the lead 5 points clear chased by Sporting Macau and C.P.K. which proved to be the best of the rest. 

Sporting Macau recently signed a trio of players from Nigeria which proved to be a key factor for the green team, Sporting is in a five win streak and is already in the second position of the league joint with C.P.K. Both teams have still some hope in reaching Benfica, specially since the Macau champions have a tougher schedule due to the AFC Cup midweek matches.

Ching Fung and Ka I complete the first half of the table, Ching Fung is 2 points behind Sporting and C.P.K. but already 7 points behind Benfica,  Ka I by his side it´s one point behind. Despite the early stage of the season both teams are already out of the title race since Benfica is proving to be to strong for the remaining competition and such a big gap will be impossible for them to recover.

Monte Carlo is in a surprising 7th place with only two wins and one draw, the last season vice-champion is having a though season and is already out of the title race, but instead it is closer to the relegation race. This disappointing start of the season already had important consequences, since Monte Carlo coach, Claudio Roberto, leaved the team to assume a role in mainland China to be a scout for the Brazilian national team. Claudio Roberto coached Monte Carlo for 2 years and 2 months, and was in the 3rd season with the team.

In the relegation fight, which is composed by Policia, Alfandega, Lai Chi, Hang Sai and the surprising Monte Carlo, things are getting shape, Lai Chi and Hang Sai are clear in the bottom of the table with only 3 points each. Both teams are in real danger but their hopes are still alive since there is only 1 point separating them from Alfandega which is the first team in the safety zone. Policia and Monte Carlo are in a safer position, opening a small gap between them and the remaining three teams.

After the international break, round 8 will be played but inexplicably Macau FA has still not released the fixtures for the next Macau Elite League rounds, including the upcoming round 8.

All Macau Elite League matches can be watched live here

Benfica Macau has signed a sponsoship deal with Galaxy Entertainment Group

Benfica Macau has announced in his official facebook page that has signed a new sponsorship deal with the Galaxy Entertainment Group, “Benfica Macau and Galaxy Entertainment Group have signed a sponsorship agreement for the 2018 Elite League football season! It is with great enthusiasm that the club announces its official jerseys will bear the brand of one of the biggest entertainment groups in the world!

The deal was signed for the current 2018 season, and can be a big boost for the Macau champions ambitions, specially for their campaign in the AFC Cup.

(photo: Benfica Macau)

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