C.P.K. in the 2020 AFC Cup?

photo: Macau Bolinha Bolão

C.P.K. is on the process to achieve the AFC Club Licensing which mandatory if the club want´s to participate in the next edition of the AFC Cup, after Benfica Macau having failed the same process this season.

C.P.K. is trying to achieve the AFC Club Licensing, something that is not easy for the Macau clubs. This year Benfica Macau failed to achieve the same process due to not having a youth team and also due to not having an own stadium. C.P.K. recently announced that they have concluded the 1st stage of the process but the club will face the same problem with the stadium as Benfica Macau did, because all clubs share the same stadium in Macau. The only option is for C.P.K. to reach an agreement with Macau Sports Institute to find a way to fulfill all AFC criteria regarding stadium availability, because that was the main problem that Benfica faced. Regarding the youth team, in theory C.P.K. will not have any problem to fulfill that requirement since the club is participating in the youth championships.​

C.P.K. former coach and new technical director Ignacio Hui expalined to the Jornal Tribuna de Macau newspapper that “we have only achived the 1st stage of the process imposed by AFC, since there are many requirements that we need to fulfill with (to achieve the licence)“.​
Ignaciu Hui also explained that he retired from the coach position after having achieved the title because the president want´s to sign a foreigner coach to play the AFC Cup.​

It would be great for the development of Macau football to have one club in the AFC Cup, if C.P.K. achieves the licence criteria will need to play two preliminary rounds to have access to the group stage.

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