Ching Fung conquer Macau FA Cup

Macau Bolinha Bolão

After a success Macau Elite League campaign claiming the vice-championship, Ching Fung closes the season by conquering their first ever major trophy beating the title holders C.P.K. in the Macau FA Cup final.

The Macau FA Cup final confirmed that right now C.P.K. and Ching Fung are the best teams in Macau, C.P.K. which recently won their first ever Macau Elite League title, eliminated Benfica Macau in the semi-finals and wanted to conquer a competition that they have already won in the previous season, in which they have also overcome Ching Fung, making this game a re-edition of last season FA Cup final. Ching Fung eliminated Monte Carlo to reach the final, and were considered the underdogs for the match, despite the good season achieving the 2nd place in the league, they were no match for C.P.K. failing to beat them during the league games.

C.P.K. started the match focused in confirm their favorite status, despite the Ching Fung high pressure, and at minute 26, Ronald Cabrera scored a header resulting from a corner kick, putting C.P.K. in the lead at half time. In the second half Ching Fung reacted and 7 minutes after de break William Gomes equalized the game for Ching Fung after a nice play leaving two defenders behind, but 20 minutes latter Diego Patriota putted C.P.K. again in the lead, capitalizing an excellent Bruno Figueiredo assistance, in what appeared to be the decisive goal. As the match was reaching the end, late drama saw Ching Fung equalizing once again at minute 89 by Cheong Ka Chon, meaning that the match was going to e decided in penalties.

The late goal shook C.P.K. morale since the defending champions only scored one of their penalty kicks, Ching Fung didn´t let this opportunity escape and with three penalties successfully scored claimed their first ever Macau FA Cup and with it their first ever major trophy.

Watch the match highlights here

On Sunday Benfica Macau managed to beat Monte Carlo by three goals to two achieving the third place in the competition, after a failed season for the former Macau champions the third place served as a consolation factor.

With the end of the Macau FA Cup, 2019 season concludes with two new champions, with C.P.K. winning their first Macau Elite League and Ching Fung claiming their first Macau FA Cup, let´s see what surprises the next season can bring to us.


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