Diego Patriota wins Macau Elite League MVP award

With the ending of the 2018 Macau football season, Macau FA hosted the annual season awards, with a public voting from players, coaches and football related persons. The Brazilian player from C.P.K., Diego Patriota clinched the best player award for the 2nd time.

The Macau FA annual season awards attributes several prizes including the best players award, best goalkeeper award and also the best U23 award. The most important voting is the MVP award which was dominated by the Brazilian player Diego Patriota which is in his 5th season in Macau, first with Ka I and then with C.P.K. Diego is proving every year that is a top level player, if it was not some injuries, the left foot midfielder from C.P.K. could be playing in a major league in Asia, at least he has the quality for it. Last time that Diego Patriota won the MVP award was in 2015, making this the 2nd time that the Brazilian wins this trophy.

I am very happy with this result, mainly because I was almost the entire season with a problem in my knee. But this trophy is a result of a team work, that we all did in C.P.K.” Diego Patriota reaction to the JTM newspapper after receiving the award.

Pang Chi Hang from Benfica Macau was named the best local player and the 2nd most voted player in the overall list. The Benfica winger did a great season, helping Benfica to cliam their 5th straight title, proving once more that is the Macau born player with most potential to play aboard and follow the steps of Leong Ka Hang.

The best goalkeeper was also awarded to a Benfica Macau player, the Brazilian goalkeeper, Batista won the voting with a big margin. The Brazilian keeper is in his second season with Benfica and it was no surprise that this award was given to Batista

The best goalscorer award was attributed to the Ka I striker, William Gomes, the Brazilian player scored 38 goals through the entire season claiming the golden boot award. William Gomes which was coach and player for Ka I during the past season also played in Benfica Macau and had a stint in Hong Kong football with  Tai Po.

Finally the best U23 award was give to Cheong Hoi San from Monte Carlo, winning the trophy for the best youth footballer in Macau with a good margin to the remaining players.

You can check the full voting results here

(photo: C.P.K. facebook)

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