C.P.K. defeat Benfica to cement top position

Photo: Macau Bolinha Bolão

Round 4 of the Macau Elite League saw a much anticipated match between C.P.K. and Benfica Macau, which was the ultimate test for the big title favorites, since C.P.K. has never defeated Benfica in the league before.

C.P.K. headed into the big match of the fourth round with two points more than the current Macau champions. This season Benfica have a weaker squad compared to previous years, meaning that the odds were in favor of C.P.K., which have won all their matches thus far.

In the end C.P.K. confirmed their top position, winning 2-1, with all goals being scored in the first 25 minutes of the game. C.P.K. started the match with high pace and Ho Ka-seng scored the opener in the 17th minute. Just three minutes later Diego Patriota added a second, leaving Benfica with a high mountain to climb. But Benfica reduced the deficit when Macau international and center back Filipe Duarte scored from a corner kick.

In the second half C.P.K. managed to keep the upper hand, benefiting from lack of depth in the Benfica squad. With this result C.P.K. increases the gap to Benfica by five points after just four rounds played, leaving Benfica in 3rd place of the standings.

Watch match highlights here

In the remaining matches of the round, Ka I thrashed Macau U23 4-1 leapfrogging Benfica to the second position, four points bellow C.P.K.

Monte Carlo also did their job defeating Tim Iec 4-0, jumping to fourth with seven points. Sporting Macau lost against Cheng Fung 0-2, prolonging the bad beginning of the season. With this result Sporting dropped to the bottom of the league with just three points. Policia got their first win of the season after defeating Hang Sai 1-0 and climbed to seventh with four points.

The match to watch in the next round will be Sporting Macau vs Ka I. The latter cannot afford to loose any more points if they want to keep C.P.K. in reach, but Sporting will also try their best to get away from the bottom of the table. The leaders C.P.K. will face Tim Iec and Benfica Macau will play against Hang Sai. In the middle of the table Monte Carlo face Macau U23, while Cheng Fung will take on Policia.

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