Everton is a Blue! “Eastern are very united and have a strong team spirit”

Everton Camargo of Eastern. Photo: Everton Camargo

Everton Camargo is a blue. There is no doubting his passion and loyalty to the Eastern cause because as each time the winger/striker dons the deep blue jersey of Eastern, he plays with all his heart and soul. This drive is evident as Camargo’s commitment and focus have recently helped propel Eastern to the FA Cup final. There is no doubt, in the mind of Eastern fans, that……Everton is a blue.

Camargo arrived in Hong Kong from Brazil in 2015 both wide-eyed and willing to adapt to his new life. A big move from continent to another continent can be a daunting prospect though it seems that Camargo has seized his opportunity and is not looking back. In his team role, Camargo is the focus of the attacking moves and he often scores goals with aplomb.

Camargo and his famous shin pads. Photo: Eastern Facebook Page

Goal scorers often have a unique celebration and Camargo is a family man, so upon scoring, he often pulls out his shin pad with family photos on them as a tribute to his loved ones. 

Everton is a Blue but once was ‘Orange’

Everton plays with energy, which has been key for all his previous clubs. At Yuen Long, he was part of the team that won the Senior Shield title. His quality and hardworking attitude led to his eventual move to Eastern. 

Camargo won the Senior Shield with Yuen Long. Photo: Everton Camargo

“I arrived in Hong Kong in 2015. I first came to play for Wong Tai Sin and afterward for Sapling, Yuen Long and now I am in my second year at Eastern.” 

Lucas Silva and Sandro of Eastern. Photo: Eastern Facebook Page

Eastern have always been a traditional powerhouse, one of the few clubs with a long and protracted history. With the arrival of new manager, Lee Chi Kin, they have further strengthened and united. Camargo says a great team spirit permeates through Eastern and, with the addition of Sandro and Lucas Silva, the team will only grow stronger.

Lee Chi Kin of Eastern. Photo: Eastern Facebook Page

“Eastern are very strong and with the arrival of Lucas and Sandro, we are even stronger.  Our spirit is one of ‘victory’ and this is always very important as we all want to win as this leads us all on the same path.  As we train, on a day by day basis, we are very united. We are very happy at Eastern and this is a positive point as people want to be ‘happy’ at work.”

Eastern have good team spirit. Photo: Eastern Facebook

Eastern’s FA Cup semi-final was expected to be a close affair but Eastern largely dominated the game and ended up easing into the final with a 5-0 win with two goals from Camargo himself. R & F, their opponents in the final, are the current league leaders though Eastern are not unfazed. Camargo is confident, that if the final proceeds, that Eastern can win the cup.

“This season, Eastern have won all their FA cup games by being superior to the other teams so I believe we can win the final.  Eastern have already beaten R&F twice this season so the FA Cup final is going to be a very difficult game but we can definitely win.”

Camargo scoring for Eastern. Photo: Eastern Facebook Page

Camargo has been in Hong Kong long enough to gauge the strengths of the different teams and believes that Eastern are a very well balanced and rounded squad who can face any team. Camargo shared that R & F and Kitchee were the teams that were really strong as well.

“I think R&F and Kitchee have strong squads but I find it more difficult for the other teams to play against Eastern because we have a very complete team in all positions.”

Everton is a blue and he loves living in Hong Kong 

Camargo and his family are happily settled in Hong Kong and now, he holds aspirations to represent Hong Kong in the near future.

“I am very happy at Eastern and my family also loves Hong Kong. I hope to be able to continue in Hong Kong and to help the Hong Kong team soon.”

The perennial question for Brazilians is, for a nation which has so many talented footballers, who was and is the best Brazilian footballer? Camargo was happy to share his opinion and said Neymar would soon truly fulfill his potential and be the best in the world. 

“In Brazil, there are many good players though I liked Adriano and Ronaldinho Gaucho a lot but these days for me, it is  Neymar and I think he is already on the same level as Messi and Ronaldo so soon, Neymar will be number 1 in the world.”

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