Transfer Updates: Summer 2019

As every year, the summer months promise lots of rumours and activities on the local transfer market. Offside.hk will summarize the confirmed ins-and-outs while the teams of the Hong Kong Premier League will prepare for next season, which is scheduled to start at the end of August 2019.

So far Eastern have made the biggest moves. By hiring Tai Po coach and kingmaker Lee Chi-kin, they have also secured the Greens’ best talent as most of the key players decided to move with their coach to the Blues. Eastern also signed Taiwanese striker Chen Hao-wei, who scored the double against Hong Kong in the recent friendly match. Other promising signings by Eastern include Southern centre-back Lau Hok-ming as well as Wu Chun-ming of Pegasus.

Meanwhile, Kitchee have signed Eastern’s Manuel Bleda, Yuen Long’s Cleiton, and Southern’s Wellingsson de Souza. The latter should be eligible for an HKSAR passport in summer 2020. Kitchee’s Jordi Tarres and Nando Recio moved to Lee Man, while Matt Lam has joined R&F. The biggest change for the Bluewaves, who still bagged both the FA Cup and Silver Shield trophies last season despite missing out on the championship, is the new Bosnian head coach Blaž Slišković. Alex Chu stays on as director.

R&F have already signed “Footballer of the Year” Igor Sartori, while releasing Itaparica, Godfred Karikari, Paulinho, and Sasa Novakovic. They also hired two new players who most recently earned their spurs in Denmark. R&F midfielder Tan Chun-lok currently trains with CSL side Guangzhou R&F.

Pegasus have bid farewell to many of their players, such as Awal, Eugene Mbome, Wu Chun-ming, Travis Major, and Jack Sealy. The latter two will join Southern. Some of the newly recruited Flying Horsemen are Marcos Gondra and Lui Man-tik from Dreams, 19-year-old Australian centre-back Michael Glassock, and Spanish striker Jorge Orti. New head coach is former team manager Peter Man.

Despite avoiding relegation last season, Dreams were unable to secure enough sponsors and therefore decided to withdraw from the Hong Kong Premier League. It is expected that they will be replaced by Rangers, who came in third in Hong Kong’s 1st Division last year.

Happy Valley will also join the Premier League as 1st Division champions and have already made their first signings.

Players marked with an asterisk (*) are rumoured to join/leave the club, but there has been no official confirmation yet.

Last Update: 24 July 2019


Fung Hoi-man (coach, Hoi King)
Kenneth Kwok (assistant coach, Yuen Long)
Kim Min-ki (Hoi King)
Eugene Mbome (Pegasus)
Lew Wai-yip (Hoi King)
Michael Luk Chi-ho (Southern)
Liu Chi-him (Hoi King)
Ho Chun-ting (loan, Kitchee)
Chan Man-fai (Southern)
Felix Luk (Hoi King)
Ho Yui
Sun Ming-him (Hoi King)
Hui Ka-lok (Lee Man)
Che Runqiu (Southern)
Philip Michael To (Hoi King)
Ng Man-hei

Lee Chi-kin (coach, Eastern)
Igor Sartori (R&F)
Wong Wai (tbc)
Eduardo Praes (Eastern)
Joao Emir (Eastern)
Tsang Man-fai (Eastern)
Lee Ka-ho (Eastern)
Lee Ka-yiu (Eastern)
Leung Kwun-chung (Eastern)
Fung Hing-wa (Eastern)
Chak Ting-fung (Eastern)
Chung Wai-keung (Eastern)
Philip Chan Siu-kwan (Southern)
Harry Sawyer



Igor Sartori (Tai Po)
Matt Lam (R&F)
Tse Ka-wing (Dreams)
Fong Pak-lun (Lee Man)
Jordan Lam Lok-kan (Dreams)
Adama Guira (Aarhus GF, Denmark)
Emmersón (Vejle BK, Denmark)
Tse Wai-chun (Yuen Long)

Godfred Karikari
Sasa Novakovic
Lin Junsheng
Lee Cheuk-hon
Tsang Tung-ming
Tan Chun-lok (Guangzhou R&F)
Tse Wai-chun (loaned, Rangers)
Mak Fu-shing (loaned, Rangers)
Zhou Yuchen (Shandong Luneng Reserves)
Hou Junjie (Guangzhou R&F)
Chen Fuhai (Guangzhou R&F)
Liang Yongfeng (Guangzhou R&F)
Ji Xiangzheng (Guangzhou R&F Reserves)
An Ning (Guangzhou R&F Reserves)


Philip Chan Siu-kwan (Tai Po)
Chan Kwong-ho (Yuen Long)
Jack Sealy (Pegasus)
Kawase Kota (Dreams)
Travis Major (Pegasus)
Lau Ho-lam (loan, Eastern)
Lau Wing-sang Rinson (Hoi King)

Lau Hok-ming (Eastern)
Michael Luk Chi-ho
Marko Krasic
Wellingsson de Souza (Kitchee)
Chan Man-fai
Emmet Wan



Blaž Slišković (head coach, Zrinjski Mostar, Croatia)
Wellingsson de Souza (Southern)
Manuel Bleda (Eastern)
Cleiton (Yuen Long)
Brian Fok (Académico de Viseu, Portugal)
Kim Dongjin (assistant coach, defense)
Matthew Orr (starting from Nov, Syracuse Orange)
Yang Zhaohui (Guangzhou Evergrande Reserves)

Josip Tadic
Nando Recio (Lee Man)
Jordi Tarres (Lee Man)
Matt Lam (R&F)
Harima Hirokane (Eastern)
Jonathan Hernandez
Chau Hin-shing (Lee Man)
Matt Smith (GC Knights, Australia)



Lee Chi-kin (coach, Tai Po)
Eduardo Praes (Tai Po)
Joao Emir (Tai Po)
Tsang Man-fai (Tai Po)
Lee Ka-ho (Tai Po)
Lee Ka-yiu (Tai Po)
Leung Kwun-chung (Tai Po)
Fung Hing-wa (Tai Po)
Chak Ting-fung (Tai Po)
Chung Wai-keung (Tai Po)
Chen Hao-wei (Hang Yuen, Taiwan)
Lau Hok-ming (Southern)
Jean Moser (Yuen Long)
Harima Hirokane (Kitchee)
Wu Chun-ming (Pegasus)
Yue Tze-nam (Cova Piedade, Portugal)
Oliver Laxton (HKFC)

Tse Long-hin (loan, Lee Man)
Manuel Bleda (Kitchee)
Jaimes McKee (retired)
Lee Hong-lim (Lee Man)
Robson Vaz Shimabuku (Cova Piedade)
Tiago Lima Pereira (Cova Piedade)
Lau Ho-lam (loan, Southern)



Peter Man (head coach, previously team manager at Pegasus)
Jorge Orti (CD Teruel)
Marcos Gondra (Dreams)
Michael Glassock (Central Coast Mariners, Australia)
Charles Lokolingoy (Brisbane Roar, Australia)
Chan Hiu-fung (Tai Po)
Lee Oi-hin (Yuen Long)
Chan Pak-hang (Yuen Long)
Yim Kai-wa (Yuen Long)
Kwok Tsz-kaai (Yuen Long)
Lui Man-tik (Dreams)
Wong Tsz-chun (Hoi King)
Tsang Kin-fong (Råslätts SK, Sweden)
Law King-hei (R&F Reserves)
Chiu Wan-chun (Pegasus Reserves)

Jack Sealy (Southern)
Wu Chun-ming (Eastern)
Yiu Ho-ming (loan, Eastern)
Travis Major (Southern)
Walter Soares Junior (loan, Yuen Long)
Eugene Mbome (Tai Po)
Paul Olivier Ngue
Rosen Kolev
Lau Chi-lok (loan, Rangers)



Chan Ka-ho (loan, Kitchee)
Walter Soares Junior (loan, Pegasus)
Kartjaneo Barbosa de Arruda (Brazil)
Maicon Festa Santana (Brazil)
Mikael Severo Burkatt (Brazil)
Wong Tsz-ho
Lai Hau-hei
Tsang Chi-hau
Wong Chun-hin
Cheung Ho-kok

Jean Moser (Eastern)
Cleiton (Kitchee)
Chan Hiu-fung (loan ended, Tai Po)
Yim Kai-wa (Pegasus)
Chan Pak-hang (Pegasus)
Lee Oi-hin (Pegasus)
Kwok Tsz-kaai (Pegasus)
Tse Wai-chun (Rangers)



Gil (Treze FC, Brazil)
Jonathon Acosta (Dreams)
Diogo Santos Rangel (Sampaio Correa, Brazil)
Jordi Tarres (Kitchee)
Nando Recio (Kitchee)
Chau Hin-shing (Kitchee)
Lee Hong-lim (Eastern)
Tse Long-hin (loan, Eastern)
Li Hon-ho (Tai Po)
Hui Ka-lok (Hoi King)
Tang Hong-yin

Fong Pak-lun (R&F)
Crescendo van Berkel
Fran Gonzalez (Mohun Bagan)
Stefan Pereira
Baek Ji-hoon
Pang Tsz-kin
Law Chun-yan
Lai Yiu-cheong
Hui Ka-lok (Tai Po)


To Chun-kiu (Dreams)
Jahangir Khan (Metro Gallery)
Eduardo Cruz
Kitamura Shu
Manuel Morales
Chu Wai-kwan

Lee Chi-ho (retired)
Ndue Mujeci



Au Yeung Yiu-chung (Tai Po)
Chiu Chung-man (coach, Dreams)
Fernando Lopes Alcantara
Tomas Maronesi (Yuen Long)
Diego Daniel Cañete (Argentina)
Pablo Leguizamón (Paraguay/Argentina)
Leandro Basan (Argentina)
Tse Wai-chun (loan, R&F)
Lau Chi-lok (loan, Pegasus)
Peng Linlin (Dreams)
Poon Pak-on (Dreams)
Mak Fu-shing (loan, R&F)
Ji Xiangzheng (loan, R&F)
Chung Sing-lam

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