Transfer News – 2017/18

Photo: Rosen Kolev

The offside.hk summary of the most recent transfers ahead of the 2017/18 Hong Kong Premier League. Last Update: 13 August 2017. 

Transfers that are followed by an asterisk (*) have yet to be officially confirmed.


Lucas Silva (BRA), striker (from Tai Po)
Paulinho (HKG), midfielder (from Shenzhen FC)
Christian Kwesi Annan (HKG), striker (from Pegasus – loan ended)

Youth players to join the 1st team:
Tsang Pak-hin (HKG), midfielder
Yu Wing-hong (HKG), midfielder
Yuen Chen Hei (HKG), defender
Chan Ka-shing (HKG), defender
Chau Hin-shing (HKG), defender
Wong Tsz-ho (HKG), goalkeeper

Rufino (ESP), striker (to Selangor FA, Malaysia)
Fernando Recio (ESP), defender (to ? – on loan)
Jordi Tarres (ESP), striker (to Lee Man – on loan)
Ngan Lok-fung (HKG), midfielder (to Lee Man – on loan)
Li Ngai-hoi (HKG), defender (to Pegasus – on loan)
Emmet Wan (HKG), midfielder (to Lee Man – on loan)
Harima Hirokane (HKG), striker (to Dreams – on loan)
Law Tsz-chun (HKG), defender (to Dreams – on loan)
Cheng Chin-lung (HKG), midfielder (to Dreams – on loan)
Ngan Chuck-ban HKG), midfielder (to MidAmerica Nazarene University)
Chan Ka Ho (HKG), goalkeeper (to Yuen Long – on loan)
Wang Hecun (HKG), midfielder (to ?)
Sham Kwok-keung (HKG), midfielder (to Citizen)


Aleksandr Kokko (FIN), striker (from Newcastle Jets)
Vitor Saba (BRA), midfielder (from Fortuna Sittard)
Jo Tae-keun (KOR), defender (from Chiangmai FC)*
Philip Chan Siu-kwan (HKG), midfielder (from South China)
Cheung Kin-fung (HKG), defender (from South China)
Lo Kong-wai (HKG), striker (from South China)
Lam Hok-hei (HKG), striker (from South China)
Lee Chi-ho (HKG), defender (free agent)
Lee Ka-wah (HKG), defender (from Metro Gallery)
Shu Kitamura (HKG), midfielder (from ?)

Clayton (BRA), defender (to Rangers – on loan)
Tse Long-hin (HKG), defender (to Lee Man – on loan)
Roberto Affonso Jr. (HKG), defender (to R&F)
Giovane da Silva (BRA), striker (to R&F)
Miroslav Saric (HKG), midfielder (to ?)
Josh Mitchell (AUS), defender (to ?)
Vasudeva Lilley Nunez (HKG), defender (to R&F – on loan)
Li Ka-chun (HKG), midfielder (to Dreams – on loan)
Yiu Ho-ming (HKG), defender (to Yuen Long – on loan)
Cheng Siu-wai (HKG), striker (retired)
Wong Chun-hin (HKG), midfielder (to Lee Man – on loan)
Wong Chi-chung (HKG), defender (to Dreams)
Wong Chin-hung (HKG), defender (retired; assistant coach at Eastern)


Che Runqiu (HKG), midfielder (from South China)
Carles Martinez (ESP), midfielder (from CD Guijuelo)
Zesh Rehman (ENG), defender (from Gillingham)
Carlos Rodriguez (ESP), midfielder (from Merida AD)
Chan Man-fai (HKG), striker (from South China)

Dieguito (ESP), midfielder (to ?)
Tomas Maronesi (BRA), defender (to ?)
Tomoya Uchida (JAP), midfielder (to ?)
Kwok Ting-him (HKG), midfielder (to Hoi King)


Rafael Lacerda (BRA), defender (from Sao Paolo)
Everton Camargo (BRA), striker (from Biu Chun Glory Sky)
Ip Chung-long (HKG), midfielder (from Rangers)
Hinson Wong Chin-hin (HKG), n/a (from Yuen Long Reserves)
Chan Ka-ho (HKG), goalkeeper (from Kitchee – on loan)
Yiu Ho-ming (HKG), defender (from Eastern – on loan)

Stefan Pereira (BRA), striker (to Lee Man)
Diego Higino (BRA), striker (to ?)
Luciano Silva (BRA), defender (to Lee Man)
Lai Hau-hei (HKG), midfielder (to Dreams FC)
Ngan Lok-fung (HKG), midfielder (to Kitchee – loan ended)
Wong Tsz-chung (HKG), goalkeeper (to Lee Man)
Ko Chun Wilson (HKG), goalkeeper (to Pegasus)


Igor Sartori (BRA), striker (from Volta Redonda)
Andy Russell (HKG), defender (from Penang FA)
Sean Tse (HKG), defender (from South China)
Chak Ting-fung (HKG) defender (from South China)
Leung Kwun-chung (HKG), midfielder (from South China)
Tsang Man-fai (HKG), goalkeeper (from South China)
Eduardo Praes (BRA), defender (from Pegasus)
Dhiego Martins (BRA), midfielder (from Pegasus)
Yuen Chun-sing (HKG), striker (from Sun Hei)

Chan Yuk-chi (HKG), defender (retired)
Chan Cham-hei (HKG), defender (to Dreams FC)
Wong Yiu-fu (HKG), defender (to Dreams FC)
Itaparica (HKG), midfielder (to R&F)
Paulo Cesar (BRA), goalkeeper (to ?)
Lucas Silva (BRA), striker (to Kitchee)
Lima (BRA), defender (to ?)


Rosen Kolev (BUL), defender (from Enisey)
Igor Nedeljkovic (SRB), striker (from Sileks)
Alfonso Artabe (ESP), defender (from Ermis Aradippou)
Leung Hing-kit (HKG), goalkeeper (from South China)
Leung Nok-Hang (HKG), defender (from South China)
Law Hiu-chung (HKG), midfielder (from South China)
Li Ngai-hoi (HKG), defender (from Kitchee – on loan)
Awal (CMR), striker (from South China)
Yeung Ching-kwong (HKG), head coach (free agent)
Ko Chun Wilson (HKG), goalkeeper (from Yuen Long)

To Chun-kiu (HKG), goalkeeper (to Dreams)
Eduardo Praes (BRA), defender (to Tai Po)
Dhiego Martins (BRA), midfielder (to Tai Po)
Lai Lok-yin (HKG), midfielder (to Rangers)
Christian Kwesi Annan (HKG), striker (to Kitchee – loan ended)
Wong Lok (HKG), midfielder (to Rangers)
Leung Kwok-kai (HKG), defender (to Dreams)
Kevin Bond (ENG), coach (to ?)
Kiko Naumovksi (MKD), goalkeeper (to ?)
Travis Major (AUS), striker (to ?)
Salva Chamorro (ESP), striker (to Real Murcia)
Lai Ka-yi (HKG), striker (to ?)
Kwok Yat-him (HKG), defender (to ?)


Allegedly many former Biu Chun Glory Sky players are expected to join Rangers, as manager Philip Lee will return to the club.
Last season’s owner of Rangers, Norman Lee of Lee Man, is going to found their own team (called Lee Man) and will probably take many of the former Rangers players to there as well. 

Dejan Antonic (SRB), head coach (from South China)
Castano Gaston (ARG), striker (from Nakhonpathom United)
Clayton (BRA), defender (from Eastern – on loan)
Oleksii Shliakotin (UKR), goalkeeper (from Biu Chun Glory Sky)
Marko Krasic (SRB), midfielder (from Radnicki 1923)
Kwan Lo-ka (HKG), midfielder (from HKFC)
Tommy Chuck Yiu-kwok (HKG), striker (from R&F)
Lai Lok-yin (HKG), midfielder (from Pegasus)
Lau Cheuk-hin (HKG), midfielder (from South China)
Igor Miovic (SRB), defender (from Biu Chun Glory Sky)
Cheng Siu-kwan (HKG), midfielder (from Biu Chun Glory Sky)
Tsui Wang-kit (HKG), defender (from Biu Chun Glory Sky)
Kwok Tsz-kaai (HKG), midfielder (from Biu Chun Glory Sky)
Cheung Kwok-ming (HKG), midfielder (from Biu Chun Glory Sky)
Wong Lok (HKG), midfielder (from Pegasus Reserves)
Tse Wai-chun (HKG), midfielder (from Rangers Reserves)
Lau Chi-lok (HKG), striker (from Biu Chun Glory Sky)
Tang Lok-man (HKG), defender (from Biu Chun Glory Sky)
Chung Sing-lam (HKG), defender (from Biu Chun Glory Sky)

Chan Ming-kong (HKG), midfielder (to Lee Man)
Denis Lima (BRA), striker (to Lee Man)
Felix Luk (HKG), goalkeeper (to Lee Man)
Marco Wegener (HKG/GER), midfielder (to Lee Man)
Yip Ka-yu (HKG), goalkeeper (to Lee Man)
Hui Ka-lok (HKG), striker (to Lee Man)
Law Chun-yan (HKG), midfielder (to Lee Man)
Chan Ming-kong (HKG), midfielder (to Lee Man)
Ip Chung-long (HKG), midfielder (to Yuen Long)
Lee Kai-chi (HKG), midfielder (to Lee Man)
Chiu Chun-kit (HKG), defender (to Lee Man)
Tse Ka-wing (HKG), goalkeeper (to Dreams)
Clayton (BRA), defender (to Eastern – loan ended)
Jordi Tarres (ESP), striker (to Kitchee – loan ended)
Cheung Kin-fung (HKG), defender (to South China/Eastern – loan ended)
Lai Yiu-cheong (HKG), right winger (to South China/Lee Man – loan ended)
Fernando Recio (ESP), defender (to Kitchee – loan ended)
Wong Chun-hin (HKG), midfielder (to Eastern – loan ended)
Chow Cheuk-fung (HKG), midfielder (to R&F)
Fung Hoi-man (HKG), head coach (to Lee Man)
Tse Long-hin (HKG), defender (to Eastern/Lee Man – loan ended)
Philip-Michael To (HKG), defender (to Hoi King)
Chan Cheuk-kwong (HKG), midfielder (to Hoi King)


Itaparica (HKG), midfielder (from Tai Po)
Marko Perovic (SRB), midfielder (from South China)
Marek Zajac (POL), head coach (from ?)
Bruninho (BRA), striker (from Guangzhou R&F)
Zhao Ming (CHN), defender (from Guangzhou R&F Reserves)
Roberto Affonso Jr. (HKG), defender (from Eastern)
Giovane da Silva (BRA), striker (from Eastern)
Zhou Yuchen (CHN), goalkeeper (from Shandong Lvneng)
Pei Chensong (CHN), goalkeeper (from Guangzhou R&F)
Chen Zirong (CHN), goalkeeper (from Guangzhou R&F)
Wu Weian (CHN), defender (from ?)
Chow Cheuk-fung (HKG), midfielder (from Rangers)
Vasudeva Lilley Nunez (HKG), defender (from Eastern – on loan)
Liang Zhanhao (CHN), defender (from Guangzhou R&F)
Liang Yongfeng (CHN), defender (from Guangzhou R&F)
Ye Ruiwen (CHN), defender (from Guangzhou R&F Reserves)
Wang Xinhui (CHN), midfielder (from Guangzhou R&F)
Chen Fuhai (CHN), midfielder (from Guangzhou R&F)
Zhang Jiajie (CHN), midfielder (from Guangzhou R&F)
Deng Yanlin (CHN), midfielder (from Guangzhou R&F Reserves)

Lam Wan-kit (HKG), midfielder (to Dreams)
Tommy Chuck Yiu-kwok (HKG), striker (to Rangers)
Lam Hin-ting (HKG), midfielder (to Dreams)
Lau Tak-yan (HKG), midfielder (to Dreams)
Li Zhihai (CHN), head coach (to ?)
Leung Chi-wing (HKG), assistant coach (to Dreams FC)
Mai Jiajian (CHN), midfielder (to Guangzhou R&F)
Long Wenhao (CHN), goalkeeper (to ?)
Zhu Di (CHN), defender (to Guangzhou R&F)
Fu Yunlong (CHN), defender (to Guangzhou R&F)
Tu Dongxu (CHN), defender (to Guangzhou R&F Reserves)
Chen Jiaqi (CHN), defender (to Guangzhou R&F?)*
Ma Weichao (CHN), defender (to Guangzhou R&F?)*
Kuang Haokun (CHN), defender (to Guangzhou R&F?)*
Ning An (CHN), midfielder (to Guangzhou R&F)*
Xiang Jiachi (CHN), midfielder (to Guangzhou R&F?)*
Wei Zongren (CHN), midfielder (to Guangzhou R&F?)*
Huang Haoxuan (CHN), midfielder (to Guangzhou R&F?)*


Dreams FC is a new club, taking over the license of former Biu Chun Glory Sky (aka Hong Kong Sapling). The alleged owner is Ryan Yeung, son of former Birmingham City owner Carson Yeung. In spite of the similarity in name with Dreams Metro Gallery – a local club that participated in the Hong Kong Premier League in the 2015/16 season – Dreams FC is not in any way associated with them. 

Chan Wai-ho (HKG), defender (from South China)
Jose Pedrosa Galan (ESP), midfielder (from Santa Coloma)
Joaquin Garcia (ESP), midfielder (from Samut Prakan)
Arkaitz Ruiz (ESP), striker (from UD Somozas)
Yoon Dong-hun (KOR), midfielder (from Biu Chun Glory Sky)
Law Tsz-chun (HKG), defender (from Kitchee – on loan)
Harima Hirokane (HKG), striker (from Kitchee – on loan)
Cheng Chin-lung (HKG), midfielder (from Kitchee – on loan)
Nacho Martinez (ESP), midfielder (from UB Conquense)
Tse Ka-wing (HKG), goalkeeper (from Rangers)
Pablo Gallardo (ESP), defender (from CD Palencia Balompie)
To Chun-kiu (HKG), goalkeeper (from Pegasus)
Li Ka-chun (HKG), midfielder (from Eastern – on loan)
Wong Chi-chung (HKG), defender (from Eastern)
Chan Cham-hei (HKG), defender (from Tai Po)
Lam Wan-kit (HKG), midfielder (from R&F)
Lai Hau-hei (HKG), midfielder (from Yuen Long)
Wong Yiu-fu (HKG), defender (from Tai Po)
Lam Hin-ting (HKG), midfielder (from R&F)
Lau Tak-yan (HKG), midfielder (from R&F)
Chu Wai-kwan (HKG), striker (from Happy Valley)
Poon Pak-on (HKG), midfielder (from ?)
Lui Man-tik (HKG), defender (from ?)
Leung Kwok-wai (HKG), defender (from Pegasus)
Chiu Chung-man (HKG), assistant coach (from Biu Chun Glory Sky)
Leung Chi-wing (HKG), head coach (from R&F)
Leung Chi-kui (HKG), CEO (from ?)


Last season’s owner of Rangers, Norman Lee of Lee Man, is going to found their own team (called Lee Man) and will probably take many of the former Rangers players to there as well. 

Son Min-chol (PRK), defender (from Songkhla United)
Wong Tsz-chung (HKG), goalkeeper (from Yuen Long)
Ngan Lok-fung (HKG), midfielder (from Kitchee – on loan)
Emmet Wan (HKG), defender (from Kitchee – on loan)
Stefan Pereira (BRA), striker (from Yuen Long)
Jordi Tarres (ESP), striker (from Kitchee – on loan)
Hui Ka-lok (HKG), striker (from Rangers)
Ze Victor (BRA), midfielder (from Friburguense)
Chiu Chun-kit (HKG), defender (from Rangers)
Luciano Silva (BRA), defender (from Yuen Long)
Lai Yiu-cheong (HKG), right winger (from South China)
Felix Luk (HKG), goalkeeper (from Rangers)
Marco Wegener (HKG/GER), midfielder (from Rangers)
Daniel Man Ga-wing (HKG), midfielder (from HKFC)
Denis Lima (BRA), striker (from Rangers)
Yu Pui-hong (HKG), defender (from Biu Chun Glory Sky)
Yip Ka-yu (HKG), goalkeeper (from Rangers)
Cheng Tsz-sum (HKG), midfielder (from ?)
Law Chun-yan (HKG), midfielder (from Rangers)
Lee Kai-chi (HKG), midfielder (from Rangers)
Tse Long-hin (HKG), defender (from Eastern – on loan)
Wong Chun-hin (HKG), defender (from Eastern – on loan)
Chan Ming-kong (HKG), midfielder (from Rangers)
Fung Ka-ki (HKG), head coach (former CEO at Rangers)
Fung Hoi-man (HKG), assistant coach (former coach at Rangers)
Lam Hing-lun (HKG), assistant coach (former coach at Rangers)


After South China had decided to voluntarily relegate to the 1st Division, allegedly most players have already started to look for new contracts elsewhere.

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