Rangers: Youth first, results second

Rangers held their first press conference of the season at their clubhouse in Cheung Sha Wan yesterday. With a budget of $7-8 million for this season, the team have signed a number of new players including Clayton from Eastern (on loan) and Chuck Yiu-kwok from R&F.

Mok Yiu-keung, President of Rangers, kicked off proceedings by stating that Rangers will mainly consists of u22 players this season, and the club’s primary objective as always will be producing fine youth players for Hong Kong. CEO Philip Lee stated that Rangers aim to provide opportunities for youth players instead of achieving good results, also stating that he wants to nurture the “Bad Boys” labeled by some media including Lai Lok-yin, Lau Cheuk-hin and Chuck Yiu-kwok into “Good Boys” during their time at Rangers, and to potentially play for Hong Kong in the future. Goalkeeper coach Cheung Wai-hong meanwhile was very positive about the discipline of the youngsters, stating that most of them arrived at training on time, with all players asserting themselves well.

President Peter Mok Yiu-keung and CEO Philip Lee are back at the helm at Rangers after a one year absence with Glory Sky.

Dejan Antonic, last season’s manager for South China, will be head coach for Rangers this season but has yet to return to Hong Kong due to communication problems. Goalkeeper coach Cheung Wai-hong has been leading the training in the absence of Dejan, and has played several pre-season matches already including the 1-0 win over Tai Po and a 0-1 loss against All Black FC.

Rangers’ home stadium will be Sham Shui Po Sports Ground this season and they will primarily train at Kowloon Bay. Mr Lee said that a new location at Kowloon Bay has been bought and will be the new clubhouse for Rangers – much closer to where they will usually train in the coming season.

Rangers’ squad mainly consists of players from Glory Sky last season, including Serbian centre back Igor Miovic and keeper Shliakotin Oleksi, as well as youngsters including Tsui Wan-kit. They also signed a few new local players including winger Lai Lok-yin from Pegasus, midfielder Lau Cheuk-hin from South China and striker Chuck Yiu-kwok from R&F who returns to his former club. There are also several new foreign players including former Citizen defensive midfielder Marko Krasic, center back Michel Clayton from Eastern (on loan) and Cristian Castano from Argentina who previously played under Dejan Antonic in Indonesia. (see Below for full squad list)

Full Squad List:

1 Wong Tse-yang, 2 Tsui Wang-kit, 3 Tse Wai-chun, 4 Igor Miovic, 5 Marko Krasic, 6 Afonso Clayton Michel, 7 Chuck Yiu-Kwok Tommy, 8 Lai Lok-yin, 9 Lau Chi-lok, 10 Lau Cheuk-hin, 11 Liu Pui-fung, 12 Cheng Siu-kwan, 14 Cheung Kwok-ming, 16 Kwok Tsz-kaai, 17 Leung Wai-hei, 18 Li Yiu-hin Kenneth, 19 Chung Sing-lam, 20 Tang Lok-man, 21 Chow Chi-yan, 22 Wong Lok, 23 Cristian Gaston Castano, 25 Shliakotin Oleksi, 33 So Chi-wai

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