Hello and Goodbye: Nikola Komazec leaves for Indonesia

Change occurs for everyone in life and especially so in the football world. People just have to keep adapting and moving forward with the hope that everything will work out in the end. Players have to do their best to flow and evolve and life sometimes is simply lived out of suitcases and who knows where and when the next journey will transpire. It is a ‘passion’ yet it is also a ‘job’, and players have to make sacrifices to live out their dream.

Stability can be short-lived, but most know the challenges and opportunities which come with this. Nikola Komazec, also known under his nickname “Mr. Right”, is one of the most popular players in Hong Kong, though, recently he decided to leave Pegasus FC to join Bhayangkara FC in Indonesia. During his short stint in Hong Kong, his positive energy and impact again lifted the league and many will be sad to see him go.

In an exclusive interview, Komazec shared this views on his move and his short time in Hong Kong.

Komazec first talked about the club he will join and why he is making this move.

“I will go to Indonesia and it is a really big challenge for me. I was happy here at Pegasus, because I like Hong Kong as everyone knows. We have only a few more games in the league and I asked the club if I can go, as I had an offer from a club in Indonesia, Bhayangkara FC. It is a big step for me, as I think Indonesian football is at a very high level at the moment. My club was second in the league last season, and only lost the trophy in the last moment. I am happy to go there and try my best to give the team my best.”

Komazec is looking forward to the new challenge for his life in Indonesia.

“Yes, I am happy and very excited for the challenge in my life. I go there with big confidence and I will try my best and score some goals.”

When asked if Hong Kong fans would see him again he replied.

“You never know, but probably yes. Maybe in one year or two years, or five years. We will see!”

“Mr Right” takes time to chat with all football fans and this has been noticed by many people who wish him well as he moves again. Some fans like Francis Yip and Cora shared why fans in Hong Kong have taken to Komazec so much. Francis Yip said:

“Nikola is kind to everyone and he is fun and smart! He also has a nice smile.”

Whilst fans like Cora said:

“Nikola always gives a good performance for his team and he works hard and has a ‘die hard’ attitude. I am always happy with his performances when he plays.”

There is no doubt that “Mr Right” will return to Hong Kong in the future and bring his infectious energy with him. Till then, hello and goodbye again.

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