Eastern announce player list for next season

Eastern have announced their player list for the upcoming Hong Kong Premier League season. There are some major changes to the squad and some surprising signings too, including former Kitchee vice-captain Lam Ka-wai and former Yuen Long striker Everton Camargo. Meanwhile some players are confirmed to leave the team, and there is still no definite confirmation on who will be the head coach for next season.

After a disappointing season, Eastern made a number of changes to their player list. Lam Ka-wai and Everton joined from Kitchee and Yuen Long respectively. Former youth team members Lau Ho-lam and Chan Ching-him rejoined the 2015-2016 champions and Tse Long-him, Yiu Ho-ming and Chan Siu-kwan also returned to Eastern after their loan spells finished.

Moreover, a number of foreign players are retained, including Japanese defender Yusuke Igawa, Spanish striker Manuel Bleda and Brazilian midfielder Diego Eli. Aside from Everton, no new foreign players have been introduced, so the club might still announce additional signings in the near future. There were also some reports that Yuen Long’s Walter Soares Junior has joined the Blues, but it is now more likely to see him with Pegasus any time soon.

Meanwhile several players are expected to leave. Among them are Bai He, Ju Yingzhi, Lo Kong-wai, Michel Lugo, Tse Man-wing, Vitor Saba and Bruno Correa. Ng Wai-chiu previously announced his retirement from professional football and is therefore not on the list as well.

There is also still no news on who will be the head coach. Lee Kin-wo, who took over after Szeto Man-chun resigned in January, confirmed that he would not return next season and Graham Harvey was reported by Queensland Times to be joining Eastern as as coach, but it is still not clear if he will be the head coach or just a member of the coaching staff.

The full Eastern player list, as it was announced on July 1st, 2018:

1. Yapp Hung-fai
3. Diego Eli
5. Michel Clayton
6. Lau Ho-lam
7. Xu Deshuai
8. Chan Siu-kwan
9. Manuel Bleda
10. Lam Hok-hei
11. Everton Camargo
12. Tsang Chi-hau
14. Cheng King-ho
16. Ho Kwok-chuen
17. Lee Hong-lim
18. Cheung Kin-fung
19. Yiu Ho-ming
20. Lam Ka-wai
21. Tsang Kam-to
22. Tse Long-hin
23. Jaimes Mckee
26. Liu Fu-yuen
29. Leung Chun-pong
30. Wong Tsz-ho
33. Liang Yuhao
34. Chan Ching-him
41. Yusuke Igawa
42. Yue Tsz-nam
77. Naveed Khan (Wong Lik-wai)

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