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Player rating: Hong Kong vs Chinese Taipei

Hong Kong finally bagged their first victory under new coach Gary White, after beating hosts Chinese Taipei 2-1 on November 11th. Once again, took a closer look at the performance of each player. 

Yapp Hung-fai: 7/10

Did brilliantly this evening and made a few critical saves. It would not be fair to blame him for Chen Ting-yang’s close-range goal.

Dani Cancela: 6.5/10

Involved in attacking and defended well, was rarely out of position.

Festus Baise: 6.5/10

Did alright in both defence and attack, but his error almost led to a Chinese Taipei goal. Should have scored from Sandro’s pass in the second half.

Tsang Kam-to: 6/10

Was busy challenged by Chinese Taipei’s attackers but stepped up his game in the second half.

Andy Russell: 7/10

Strong in the air. His role as the first target in set-pieces worked well and he created at least two chances. Defensively speaking he did alright, despite being out-speeded by Taiwan’s attackers.

Huang Yang: 6.5/10

The captain was given enough space down the midfield and did okay. The partnership with Wong Wai starts to improve steadily.

Wong Wai: 7.5/10

Was allowed to play with great freedom thanks to the space given by Chinese Taipei’s midfielders. Was lively in attack and provided both quality set-pieces and long passes. Found Chung Wai-keung who scored the late winning goal.

Xu Deshuai: 7/10

Good work rate and covered the midfield when needed, made a good assist to McKee’s opening schol.

Jaimes McKee: 7/10

Scored the first goal. His hard work finally paid off in the second half by being at the right place at the right time, exactly what we needed from him.

Paul Olivier Ngue: 6/10

It’s unfortunate that the target man struggled to score again. Couldn’t do much up front challenging the defence. The only chance he got ended with a decent first touch and a poor finish.

Sandro: 7.5/10

It’s hard to ignore Sandro’s improvement in decision making after playing in Indonesia. He dropped back to midfield from time to time to help Huang and Wong setting the pace and did well in creating problems with several key passes.


Alex Akande: 6.5/10

His presence in the 63rd minute indicated a change of attacking style. His pace and work rate appeared to be helpful against Chinese Taipei’s defenders. Made a quality shot that eventually led to the winning goal.

Chung Wai-keung: 7/10

As Gary White said: “The game seems to fit him.” Chung didn’t hesitate when the chance came and scored the winning goal in his debut.

Tan Chun Lok: N/A

Had little time to make an impression.

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