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Player rating Cambodia vs Hong Kong

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In the first game of the 2022 World Cup Qualifier, Hong Kong drew away in Cambodia. It was the second game with Mixu Paatelainen at the helm, and the Finnish manager has yet to lead Hong Kong to a win.’s Andy Chiu made observations on how each player performed.

You can find the match report here.

Yapp Hung Fai: 6/10

Made a key save early in the first half, can’t do much with the conceded goal and was being tested frequently in the second half.

Tsui Wan Kit: 5.5/10

Wasn’t particularly good as he usually does when playing for HK, improved his concentration in the second half and stayed in position when defending.

Dani Cancela: 6/10

Made good use of his experience in defending, tried to make a few crosses but couldn’t find his teammates.

Helio: 6/10

Almost won every aerial challenge and gave the opponents a hard time physically, but he was not quick enough to deal with the Cambodians running behind his back.

Huang Yang: 5.5/10

Was busy defending mostly and made some switch plays but couldn’t do much in creating spaces and setting the tempo when attacking.

Chung Wai-keung: 5.5/10

Stayed attacking minded and tried hard to create chances on the left but needs to improve the quality of the crosses.

Sandro: 5.5/10

Perhaps Sandro plays better with a different formation, couldn’t do much in terms of challenge the keeper and was forced to give away the ball a couple of times in the first half. Should have done better with his quality.

Ju Yingzhi: 5.5/10

Stayed focused but couldn’t create good chances for the team.

James Ha: 6/10

Not in his favourite position but did what he needs to do, drawn a defender away that led to Tan Chun-lok’s goal.

Tan Chun-lok: 6.5/10

Stay focused and shown his composure by scoring a well-placed shot in between the legs of the Cambodian keeper. Helped in slowing down the Cambodians tempo slightly in the midfield.

Andy Russell: 5.5/10

Almost scored at the beginning of first half, was strong in the air but looked troubled by attackers running behind his back.


Alex Akande: 6/10

Did what he could to create some chances in the second half, but he was outnumbered by the Cambodian defenders.

Tong Kin-man: 5.5/10

Made two good interceptions to win the ball back, but was troubled by the opponent’s quick, short-passing style.

22 Sun Ming-him: 5.5/10

Couldn’t do much to turn the game around, worked hard defensively.

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