Benfica and Sporting ready for Macau derby

Photo: Macau Bolinha Bolão

After the international break, the Macau Elite League returns with the 8th round 8. This week the highlight match will be the Macau derby, which is a re-creation of the Lisbon derby between Benfica and Sporting, but played by their Macau representatives.

Round 7 saw C.P.K. cement their leading position with a big win in the top-of-the-table clash between themselves and second-placed Ka I. Both teams were separated by four points, meaning that this was the perfect opportunity for Ka I to put C.P.K. under pressure. Ka I even showed some hope for a surprise win with an early lead in the game, courtesy of a Lucas Piasentin goal in the 9th minute. But the remainder of the match was a one-sided affair. C.P.K. proved that there is no real contender in Macau for them at the moment, and with five goals scored by Diego Patriota (2), Ho Chi Fong (2) and Ho Ka Seng, they claimed all three points in a spectacular 5-1 win, which left Ka I already seven points behind. In a small league like the Macau Elite League it is almost impossible to close such a big gap, especially with the current quality that C.P.K. are showing.

The remaining games of the round saw Tim Iec causing a major surprise as they beat Ching Fung 3-2, allowing Benfica Macau with a 2-0 win against Policia to leapfrog them into 3rd position. Sporting Macau drew 1-1 with Monte Carlo in an interesting encounter, while Hang Sai proved their superiority against Macau U23 in a 3-1 win.

This week, less than 24 hours after the actual Lisbon derby of the Portuguese FA Cup, the Macau derby will be played in the most anticipated match of the season despite the fact that both teams are far away from the title fight. The history says that Benfica Macau are the big favourites for the derby. Since 2015, when both teams were for the first time in the Macau Elite League, Sporting Macau only got two draws, while never beating Benfica in a total of ten matches. The game will go underway on Thursday, April 4th at Lin Fong stadium (also known as the former canidrome), and like all Macau Elite League games, the match will be broadcast live on Macau FA’s mycujoo channel.

Before the Macau derby, the 8th round starts on Wednesday, with Ka I facing Hang Sai and league leaders C.P.K. playing against Monte Carlo, in what could turn into an interesting match. On Thursday, right before the derby, Macau U23 will take on Ching Fung and on Friday Policia will play against Tim Iec.

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