11 Macau players that can try their luck in Hong Kong Premier League

With the upcoming rules allowing Hong Kong Premier League signing one China, Taiwan and Macau player without counting him as a foreign slot, starting in the 2019/2020 season, did a 11 Macau players list that can be a good signing for Hong Kong teams.

It is not a surprise that the list is composed mainly by players from Benfica Macau which is arguably the best team in Macau and from Monte Carlo which has the best youth system in Macau. Some of the players are naturalized players but all of them are already international for Macau National Team.

Here is the eleven players list:

Bruce Chantre – Young Striker that did a great season with Macau U23 team which earn him the interest of Monte Carlo that sign him for the 2018 season. If you take Bruce to your team you will have goals for sure.

Cheong Hoi San – 2018 Macau youth player of the season, the center midfielder is a product of Monte Carlo youth system, the same club which Leang Ka Hang comes from. It is for sure one of the best Macau prospects for the future.

Pang Chi Hang – 2018 best Macau born player of the season, the right winger was a key player for Benfica Macau last season and is for many people the best Macau player after Leong Ka Hang. The 24 years old winger is a player with a great technique that will be a big boost for any Hong Kong team.

Chan Man – The right back is another Benfica Macau and Macau national team key player, also coming from Monte Carlo youth system. Chan Man has 24 years old and his quality and professionalism even earn him a small stint with Portuguese team Olhanense.

Nicholas Torrão – Nicky can play as winger and striker, it is a player that scores a lot of goals in both positions and also has a big experience. It is a Macau National Team and Benfica Macau key that played in several Portuguese teams during his youth.

Carlos Leonel – Portuguese born striker that it is already a Macau international and a Benfica Macau key player, it was the best goalscorer in 2017 Macau Elite League and did a great campaign during the 2018 AFC Cup. It is always running for the best goalscorer award in every competition that the 31 years old striker enters, so if you need goals, this is the right player for you.

Edgar Teixeira – Portuguese born midfielder that already has a few caps for the Macau National Team, it is a Benfica Macau key player in the last 5 years and it is for many people the best Macau Elite League player. It is a number 8 that never misses a pass and it is the right player to carry your game vertically. The 28 years old midfielder was with Benfica Macau since 2012, but it is now without club making him an easy target.

Paulo Cheng – Monte Carlo and Macau National Team center back it is also the Macau captain and one of the more experienced players in Macau. His advanced age it´s not a plus but if you want experience in your defense this is the right player for you.

Ho Man Fai – Monte Carlo and Macau National Team goalkeeper that has a very good quality but it also has some inconsistency suffering some goals that no goalkeeper should suffer. Despite that it is the best Macau goalkeeper and in his days he can defend every shot that threatens his goal, with 25 years old for sure that Ho Man Fai has a lot to evolve.

Filipe Duarte – Portuguese born center back and by far the best center back playing in Macau. It was youth international for the Macau National Team but since he got Macau citizenship he is also an A Team Macau international. The 33 years old Benfica Macau center back had some injuries in the last couple of season slowing a lot his pace but when he is on the pitch for sure your defense is safe.

David Cardoso – Macau born defensive midfielder that soon went to Portugal for the Portuguese powerhouse Benfica. Did his youth path with Benfica and after that he played for some Portuguese teams like Braga, Mafra and now with Boavista. It is well known his goal to play in Portugal but a good contract coupled with a good project can put him playing in Hong Kong Premier League.

(photo: AFC)

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