Lee Man with short and long-term plans

Three weeks after kicking off the preseason training, second-year Premier League club Lee Man held their press conference on Thursday, August 9th, to announce their plans for the coming years.

Team president Norman Lee began with a speech stating that the club hopes to continue with its contributions to Hong Kong football. The players will give their best on the field and will not seek excuses but improvements for a better outcome every time.

Appointed as head coach in this off-season, Chan Hau-ming returns to Hong Kong football for the first time since 2012 because of love and responsibility. As he explained, he was trained locally as coach, so it is natural to give back to Hong Kong what he received. He set up both short-term and long-term targets respectively, as he would build up a team with good football culture and attitude while in a few years, Lee Man will hopefully make their appearance in Asian competitions.

Chan also named Spanish defender Fran González as this year’s team captain, while Ngan Lok-fung will be the assistant captain. González, who has played in Thailand before, was surprised to see that Lee Man’s training is very detailed and specific. He is sure that the captaincy will also boost his performance.

As Lee revealed, this year’s team budget almost reaches HK$ 20 million, which includes first-team spending and youth development. The club has also set up a bonus scheme called “Let’s go Hong Kong!” to encourage their players to be selected for the Hong Kong national team. For those who are chosen in any sort of Hong Kong team, each of them will receive a cash bonus of HK$ 5,000.

At the end of the press conference, Lee Man introduced their newest “player” – a mascot called “Super Bee” – who will appear in every Lee Man home game at Tseung Kwan O Sports Ground.

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