DEI Cup 2022: “People Coming Together Truly Represents Hong Kong”

Football is not merely a game and can be used as a tool to connect people together. This is the main idea behind the DEI Cup (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) which is a celebration of youth football and the many different communities and peoples who call Hong Kong their home. 

Medard Privat Koya, the founder of All Blacks FC, along with ESF Sports, one of the driving forces behind the DEI Cup, was delighted to see so many people from a variety of backgrounds connecting through their shared passion of football. 

Embodying football is for all as a way of life, some All Blacks FC community ambassadors also took part in a friendly match with representatives of the Love 21 Foundation team this past December 31st, 2022

“As you can see today, with all the different backgrounds of the people coming to the DEI cup, this is something we love to see! This is something which really represents Hong Kong as there are so many people from various backgrounds and communities going together to connect. We want to see more and more people connecting and we want to be inclusive and bring more people to participate!” 

Ricardo Rambo, head coach of the Hong Kong Women’s Team, was also in attendance to offer his support. 

“It is important for everyone to come together as a community and have this opportunity to play. The weather is great today and the youths can play hard, fight for a good result and have a good time” 

The tournament featured 32 different youth teams and included the likes of HKPL sides such as Southern KC and Lee Man.

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