Rangers’ Igor Miović: “We are really unlucky this season”


Hong Kong Rangers’s captain Igor Miović is an optimistic and level-headed person. Rangers have had a challenging season and despite having a very strong team, the results have not gone their way. The Serbian defender says, despite the tough times, the team has maintained a great sense of camaraderie and can only improve. Miović took the time out for a chat to give his views on the season so far and to reflect on his time in Hong Kong.

“It has been very tough for us, as we only have five points (at the time of the interview) and we are last in the table. We will try, in our few remaining games, to win maximum points. We do not have a bad team and we have many young players who want to play. But we are not lucky at all this season as we have lost so many games by stupid scores. Some games we just lost 1-0 and 2-1.”

Miović has a whole array of memories from his time in Hong Kong and the most outstanding one was when he played for Pegasus against South China and scored a brace against them.

“I played against South China when I was at Pegasus in my second season. We beat them 5-3 and I scored twice as a defender. For me, this was my best game in my four years in Hong Kong. I have many good memories, but this one is my favourite.”

Miović has been in Hong Kong for several years now and gave his views on how Hong Kong football could improve, namely, attract more fans back to the stadiums.

“I think Hong Kong football can be better. If there were more fans, then it would be more appealing in terms of the atmosphere. We have clubs like Kitchee who are very professional and they have many quality foreign players.”

Igor Miović is a battle-hardened player who gives his all at all times on the football pitch. He cites his “never say die” mentality to the Serbian psyche ,which he says all Serbians have within them as an ’emotional’ state. Even though they are far from their homeland, they carry their ‘homeland’ with them wherever they go.

Ranger’s Igor Miović battles for the ball. 

“This Serbian mentality is inside us and we always fight to win regardless if we play football, or basketball or even fun games. We always want to win and we do not like to joke about something as serious as football.”

Miović also shared his views on who he thinks the best players are in Hong Kong and he chooses two Kitchee players for their outstanding play and skills.

“For me they are Fernando and Jordi Tarres. Both players have everything.”

There is no doubt that Igor Miović, the player who wears his heart on his sleeve, will continue to battle on for his team for the rest of this season and for the rest of his career, wherever he goes. 

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