Lower division seasons unlikely to be completed


HKFA chairman concedes that it will be “practically impossible” to complete the lower division seasons.

Earlier in the month, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department reopened Tsueng Kwan O Sports Ground for closed door Premier League and HKFA Cup matches. In an interview Thursday afternoon with Apple Daily, Hong Kong Football Association chairman Pui Kwan-kay expressed optimism that the top flight season could be completed, provided that the coronavirus pandemic does not deteriorate significantly.

The same, however, could not be said of the lower divisions. With a tremendous backlog of fixtures to be played across the First, Second and Third Divisions and a deadline to finish their seasons by mid-May, Pui conceded that this task would be extremely unlikely.

“The LCSD still hasn’t reopened their remaining facilities,” he said. “Even if they did, many lower division players have day jobs. It’s not possible for them to simply add midweek matches to their schedules.

“We have until mid-May to play a half season’s worth of fixtures. It’s practically impossible.

“We’ll speak with lower division clubs and listen to their opinions as to how to move forward with this and other issues like promotion and relegation.”

No lower division matches have been played since January 22, the Wednesday before Chinese New Year. Resources Capital, the only club to publicly declare their ambition to join the Premier League next season, are currently atop the First Division, five points ahead of second place King Fung.

In the Second Division, first place Kowloon City are one point ahead of St. Joseph’s.

In the Third Division, Wing Go – the only unbeaten club left standing in Hong Kong – lead Kwok Keung by 12 points.

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