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Player rating: Korea vs Hong Kong

Credit: HKFA

The first game in the final round of the EAFF Cup in nine years, many would have expected Hong Kong to concede more, but it was once again a 2:0 loss up against one of Asia’s top teams, Korea, away at chilly Busan with another great defensive display from all players.

Yapp Hung-fai 6/10

Only conceded from 2 set-pieces that he could not have done much more to stop them. Did not have too many difficult saves to make besides punching off a powerful header in the second half, but he almost conceded one after a howler.

Tong Kin-man 5/10

Did his defending in open play but lapsed at set-pieces. If he had jumped in the wall, the first goal might have been deflected but he stood still on his feet. Also lost his man for the second goal.

Helio 8/10

Man of the match for Hong Kong as he cleared away most of the dangerous balls entering the box. Great tackle in the first half to prevent a one-on-one opportunity. 

Fung Hing-wa 6.5/10

Not a bad international debut from the 27 year-old, kept well to his job of marking Korea’s lone striker.

Tsui Wang-kit 7/10

Good defensive display on the left that allowed little room for Korea’s right.

Huang Yang 6.5/10

Conceded the free-kick that led to the first goal with a handball but the captain often played as the fifth defender in keeping the defense tight.

Tan Chun-lok 6.5/10

Was not as impressive as his previous display but provided solid shielding in the midfield for the defense. 

Wong Wai 5.5/10

The technical attacking midfielder could do little in a game with so little possession and was at times looked lost.

Law Tsz-chun 7.5/10

Hardworking down the left flank. Covered Tsui Wang-kit well defensively on the left but still needed to work more on his attacking as a winger. Had a chance in the second half to put a dangerous cross in but overhit it for his two teammates in the box.

Cheng Siu-kwan 7/10

Delivered a superb ball to James Ha for his first scoring chance. Like Law Tsz-chun on the other side, Cheng was hardworking and offered defensive cover for Tong Kin-man down the right.

James Ha 7/10

Knew his role well and performed well for his tasks. Got on the end of two great counter-attack to score for Hong Kong but was let down by his finishing.


Roberto Junior 6/10

Replaced Cheng Siu-kwan on the right-wing as opposed to his usual position in central midfield but did not get much chance going forward.

Giovane 5.5/10

Failed to offer the super sub effect with 30mins to play, covered little ground and did so little.

Ju Yingzhi 5.5/10

Came on at 72th minute for Wong Wai and offered little.

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