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Player rating: Japan vs Hong Kong

We witnessed a rotation of players as Mixu offered time for a few young players to learn, despite the goal margin, some players showed certain improvements in attacking and discipline, we sincerely hope that they could benefit from this experience and have a nice come back on 18th.

Tse Tak-him 5.5/10

Couldn’t do much to prevent the conceded goals. Made a good save in the second half but need to stay focused when taking care of high balls.

Tsui Wan-kit 5.5/10

Hard to keep up with the quick and skillful Japanese attackers on the left, substituted by Sun Ming-him shortly after the break.

Leung Lok-hang 5.5/10

Made good use of his body to defend but should remind other teammates to cover in set-pieces.

Li Ngai-hoi 5/10

Couldn’t do much against the Japanese attackers. Need to stay focused on set-pieces.

Tong Kin-man 5.5/10

Perhaps it is a bit harsh to blame his failure to clear the ball that led to the first goal, but he lost his man in the lead-up to the second goal.

Roberto 5/10

Tried to help cover with Huang Yang but couldn’t keep up with the quick passing of the Japanese attackers.

Huang Yang 5.5/10

Worked hard to control the pace and defend but could not keep up with the quick pace of the Japanese attackers and was substituted by Tan Chun-lok to save some gas in his tank for the match versus China on 18th.

Ju Ying-zhi: 6/10

Held the ball well, showed his intelligence in controlling the pace of the game.

Sandro: 5/10

Struggled to keep the ball upfront or create any chances due to the lack of support, perhaps not the best choice as the only centre-forward in this formation.

Cheng Chin-lung: 6.5/10

Hit a nice volley outside the box early in the first half and his shot hit the crossbar after the break, shown good composure and skills.

Chan Siu-kwan: 5.5/10

Worked hard to defend but couldn’t do much in attack.

Sun Ming-him: 5.5/10

Not playing at his favourite position but worked hard to defend on the left.

Tan Chun-lok : 5.5/10

Came in for Huang Yang but offered little due to a high pressed Japanese formation.

Law Tze-chun: 5.5/10

Always hardworking but had little to offer.



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