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Player rating: HK vs China

The match which everyone was talking about, our players have shown their characters and ambition despite the 2-0 defeat to an opponent that many hates to lose to. But the story of Hong Kong football does not end by the three defeats in Busan, it is a new beginning as we witnessed the rise of a new generation of players taking up the challenge for Hong Kong.

Yapp Hung-fai 6/10

Not his fault for the two conceded goals. Made some good saves and stay concentrated.


Tong Kin-man 6/10

Admire his fighting spirit, worked hard and did not hesitate to make challenges when needed.


Helio 5.5/10

Missed the header to clear the corner that led to the first goal and was responsible for the penalty that led to the second conceded goal. Apart from these two mistakes, he did okay in defending.


Leung Lok-hang 6/10

An improved performance. Made some good clearances and kept his position well.


Tsui Wang-kit 6.5/10

Good defensive display on the left and kept his position well.


Huang Yang 6.5/10

Still our pacemaker. His experience helped the team to strike a balance in attack and defence, handled the situation well.


Tan Chun-lok 6.5/10

Solid, protected the ball well, shielded the defence and made the challenges when needed.


Wong Wai 6.5/10

More opportunities for the attacking midfielder to show his ball control and passing. Did well to create chances. Substituted by James Ha late in the second half.


Law Tsz-chun 6.5/10

Hardworking in defending. Made some good crosses and runs when needed. Hope that his good performance will continue.


Cheng Siu-kwan 6/10

Did okay in defence and worked well in the counter-attack. Substituted by Chung Wai-keung right after the break.


Giovane 6.5/10

Shined in the first half with two stunning strikes and almost scored, his ability to make quick shots is a joy to watch, worked well with his teammates in attack and looked dangerous.



Chung Wai-keung 6/10

Did well. Stay focused and helped in defending.


Cheng Chin-lung: 5/10

Replaced a very tired Law Tsz-chun and couldn’t do much because of limited time.


James Ha: 5/10

Couldn’t do much because of limited time.


Fans: 10/10

Shout out to the fans who made it all the way to Busan and cheered for the team in the cold. Everyone who was watching the live broadcast on TV or the internet could hear you clearly. Thank you for being a huge encouragement to our players and I hope there will be more fans supporting Hong Kong football in 2020.




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